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Welcome to Enstone Kennels!

We hope you enjoy seeing our Bernese Mountain Dogs and Papillons

We are located in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our family consists of four children, several Bernese Mountain Dogs and Papillons, four small Parrots, Muscovy ducks and Chickens. 

Thank you for your interest in our Bernese Mountain Dogs and Papillons. We have been showing and breeding purebred dogs for 20 years. We hope you enjoy our site.

We encourage an ongoing relationship with the families that our puppies go to and are always available to help with any question or concerns that new or prospective puppy owners have.

In our breeding program we are committed to breeding only animals sound in mind and body, with a long term goal to improve on existing genetic health problems.

"thank you for your interest in our Bernese Mountain Dogs and Papillons"

Our aim is to produce puppies that improve on their parents and hopefully find that great winning show dog. However, since the majority of our puppies are family pets, It is most important to produce puppies that are healthy, happy, and great to live with.

If you would like to be placed on the wait list for one of our puppies please fill out the Puppy Application.

We use the information you submit to help select the best puppy for you and your home. The puppy form is solely for our use in placing puppies.

If you would like some information about our dogs or help in deciding if a Bernese or Papillon is the right breed for your family please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

If you have a long list of questions we suggest that you phone us. We are able to give much more detailed information to you over the phone. If you choose to e-mail your questions please understand that most of our time is spent caring for animals and children so the response you get may be very brief.

Thanks again for your interest in our dogs here at Enstone Kennels.

Kelly Saunders

We are proud members of:

Canadian Kennel Club

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

Papillon Canada

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